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Close the Collaboration Gap

Do you want to contribute to the SDGs? Encourage your employees to support this and create bonding! SDG17 stands for ‘Partnerships for the goals’. Let us support the NPOs in their mission together. And let us close the collaboration gap. Who is participating?

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How far do Chief Happiness Officers go?

Future generations want to travel more and want to contribute to a better world. Do companieswant to support them in this by appointing a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’? How far do you go to obtain job satisfaction for employees?

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, how do you do that? We want to work with companies that are prepared to take responsibility and see that there are gains to be made. We are looking for three companies that want to participate in a pilot with us. Are you in?

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What to Do About Labor Shortage?

Labor shortage is something that most companies currently face. For years, they have been doing utmost to attract employees. But how do you attract good employees? Or even better, how do you keep them? And what are the expectations, wants and needs of this new generation of employees?

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Is a Sustainable Economy Possible?

Is a more sustainable economy possible? Are we ready for a change in our lives and in our organisations? Where do you want your company to go and how do you start? To move towards a sustainable economy the relationship between power/money and the purpose of doing business must change.

FairestBnb Celebrate our first anniversary

Celebrate Our First Anniversary

We at FairestBnb believe that making the world a better place starts with yourself. Our mission is to create a world where sharing is a gift. FairestBnb is established to encourage people creating this purpose economy with us. And now, we celebrate our first Anniversary! Here is an update what we have done so far.