Close the Collaboration Gap

Do you want to contribute to the SDGs? Encourage your employees to support this and create bonding! SDG17 stands for ‘Partnerships for the goals’. Let us support the NPOs in their mission together. And let us close the collaboration gap. Who is participating?

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by 193 Member States of the United Nations serve to end extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. We can only achieve this by entering into an international collaboration. In conclusion, the last goal, SDG17, is intended for that: Working together to implement the sustainable development agenda.

SDG17 – Partnerships for the Goals

We need international cooperation to strengthen capacity and resources. Only if we work across borders and globally can all countries achieve their goals and make progress. Working with shared values and shared higher goals towards a sustainable and inclusive world. Therefore, we need a lot of collaborations!

Non-profit organisations and their SDGs

Each NPO has its own mission and contributes to one of the 17 SDGs. Like a ‘business’ focused on a certain target group. Think, for example, of nature conservation, education for children or reforestation. These NPOs all contribute to one or more SDGs. What goals would you like to support that fit your own values or your business?

Support NPOs with your employees

We must join forces to move forward. In other words, only together can we achieve what the United Nations has in mind. Actually implement SDG17 in practice; that’s what we stand for as FairestBnb. We ask companies and their employees to take on this mission together to support the NPOs. For whom can you create value?

Do you want to contribute to the SDGs?

FairestBnb was founded with its own resources. Basically, we want to work towards a greater goal. A better world starts within ourselves and we need your help too. Don’t know where to start? We’ll help you with that! We discuss together what fits your company. Join us and contact us at