My Idea of FairestBnb

When asked why and for whom I started FairestBnb, I can’t really come up with an clear explanation. Also, I get questions like what my revenue model is and most importantly WHAT does it benefit for others. Do you want to know what it benefits you and why you should join FairestBnb? This is very challenging to explain, but I will try to….

My ideal world

The idea behind FairestBnb is to create a world where everyone truly cares about each other’s well-being. A FairestBnb community where everyone collaborates and cares for each other. We are often too busy with our own lives and busy enriching ourselves. In my opinion, we don’t always have to profit of every situation, but how nice would it be if we just do this because you care about someone else without any benefit to yourself. That is my vision and the direction I want to go with FairestBnb.

How it used to be

It reminds me of the old days. When I was a kid doing something nice, for example, handing out most of my candies or giving away nice things. People often asked if that was because I didn’t want or like it myself anymore. But this was my gesture to others who seems so much happier because of it. That was more valuable to me than the material value.

And obviously I don’t give everything away. I’m only human too and I also value certain things:). But I still have so much to give!

Difficulty explaining

People hesitate to accept things right away. But when I explained to them that I really want them to have it, they accepted it. I can’t describe the feeling it gives me, but when I see the twinkle in their eyes, that’s my reward.

I wished many more companies would experience the value of sharing. Of course, you have to generate financial profit, otherwise it’s not a sustainable business. But what is actually my question to companies? And what do I actually want from you? The answer is simple: An investment in the people and environment we live in. To switch from the idea of “what’s in it for the company” to “what’s in it for all of us”. Share, from the bottom of your heart. 

System change starts in our head…

I know that change is not something that just happens. Otherwise, change management wouldn’t exist :). My goal is to take companies step by step to a purpose-driven economy. We need tools to take that step. We can let the goals of SDGs and the ‘turnarounds’ of Earth4All guide us. Make a personal or business commitment to NPO’s that you have common ground with. Take a look behind the scenes and help them run their charity business. Only then will you truly understand their needs.

Help me explain!

The warm feeling I get from sharing is hard to convey. You only get that feeling by experiencing it yourself. Step by step to collaborations; from head to heart for the world. Because in the end that’s what it’s all about. Would you like to take these steps with me? Or do you have (other) ideas about this? Please share them with me, you can contact me at: