12 Things to Put on Your Travel Bucket List as a Digital Nomad

Travelling the world all year round while working abroad; that’s the dream! As a digital nomad, you have the chance to live an exciting and adventurous life. There are so many options and activities for you to consider during your trip, that it is nice to have some directions. Specifically for you, we have created this little travel bucket list for digital nomads!

#1 Give back to the community

The first item on our travel bucket list for digital nomads is to give back to the community. While travelling is an experience that offers you many new insights and a different perspective, your own expertise and perspective also can impact the local community you are visiting. Why not give back to the community with your skills through volunteering? Here on our platform, you can find available international job offers for volunteers.

#2 Develop a new skill

While you are travelling, you will encounter countless new experiences. These experiences bring along the opportunity to learn new skills. Use this opportunity to develop a skill you could use when returning back home.

#3 Work remotely from a local coffee shop

There is no better way to combine work and fun, than by working remotely from a local coffee shop. Not only will you have the tastiest coffee and treats nearby, but you will also be able to observe the local environment while working. How are the people in that country? How do they interact with each other? What do they usually order? So many insights that you get to discover simply by working remotely at a coffee shop. Therefore, this definitely should go on the travel bucket list of a digital nomad.

#4 Create a passive income

Another item for your travel bucket list as a digital nomad, is to create a passive income. Once you move away from the traditional way of earning money (getting paid per hour), you will discover a new freedom in your life. More freedom to travel, see new things and work whenever you want to. Perfect!

#5 See the hidden gems

While visiting the common tourist attractions surely can be fun, seeing the hidden gems may be an even bigger adventure. Try to ask locals – or the Fairest Bnb host you are staying with – where you can find those hidden gems. Once you return home from your trip, you will definitely have unique stories to tell.

#6 Start a blog (or vlog)

If you travel for a longer period of time, it may be easy to forget everything you have experienced during your trip. Therefore, starting a blog or vlog can help you to collect all your experiences in one place. Also, it gives your family and friends at home insight into what you are currently up to. Win-win!

#7 Learn a new language

If you are staying at a specific destination for a longer time, you may want to indulge yourself in learning a new language. This will not only be beneficial while you are in that country, but also help you in finding jobs when you are back home again. Languages look great on your resume!

#8 Find a (temporary) travel companion

Travelling the world is adventurous and fun, but can at times also be lonely. If you are extroverted and miss social connections nearby, you may want to consider finding a (temporary) travel companion. Perhaps you encounter someone who wants to go to the same city you want to travel to. Join forces and experience a part of your journey together to tackle travel loneliness and build new friendships.

#9 Write a book

If you love writing, your trip is the perfect time to start writing a book. Your journey will provide you with many new insights and perspectives that you can use while writing down your very own story.

#10 Do a spiritual retreat

Are you travelling to a destination where spirituality is important? Why not taste a part of this culture and do a spiritual retreat? Chances are that you will gain new insights that will have a significant impact on you as a person and your development.

#11 Try new food

One of the benefits of travelling is that you get to experience new things that you would not experience back home. Perhaps, trying new food is one of the most exciting parts about travelling. Therefore, don’t be shy and try new food whenever you get the chance. This should definitely be a part of your travel bucket list as a digital nomad.

#12 Collect memorable items

When you are travelling to many different places, it may be a good idea to collect small memorable items from each place you visit. Once you return back home, these items will remind you of everything you have experienced and you will cherish them for life.

Travelling as a digital nomad starts at FairestBnb

Do you want to get started on your travel bucket list as a digital nomad? FairestBnb is the perfect place to begin your planning process. On our platform, we connect volunteers with hosts from all over the world. You can work in exchange for an accommodation (and sometimes even food). The best way to discover a country’s culture and its locals! Here are some of our international hosts.