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FairestBnb provides this platform for NPO's and encourages people to dedicate their skills to goals that are important for them. We believe that making the world a better place starts with yourself and with what you have to offer. Read further how this works.

“We rise by lifting others”

~ Hunting Louise ~


This platform works like a booking system. NPO’s specify their availabilities and volunteers can see the specific dates where they can help. The volunteers can make a booking within the conditions (time period and number of days), as set by the NPO. This way, volunteers don’t have to send out dozens of requests to check the availability of different places. And NPO’s don’t have to sift through hundreds of messages from different volunteers. This decreases the workload for both parties.

FairestBnb offers free registration for NPO’s and volunteers. Volunteers only pay a small service fee when a booking is made. This is how it really works for everybody.


Read our personal experience about the problems we were facing while searching for volunteering possibilities here.


Do you need help from professionals and can you offer them a place to stay? As an NPO you can invite volunteers to provide solutions for everyday problems. Focus on your main goal and experience how it works for you!

Step 1:
Create your page and tell volunteers what you need
Step 2:
Accept the booking of a matching volunteer
Step 3:
Work together towards a sustainable solution!


More information for NPO's


Do you have skills and knowledge you can offer? As a volunteer you love to travel, help others and you are willing to share your skills to help NPO’s. Give your heart to the world and share the skills you are good at to these purposeful organisations!

Step 1:
Create your profile and introduce yourself
Step 2:
Search for the NPO and make a booking
Step 3:
Share your skills and go for the life changing experience!


More information for volunteers
Partner companies

Partner companies

Profit companies can participate and support their professionals to help the non-profits. Assist NPO‘s through your employees and provide them the expertise and the skills they need. Innovate and create the CSR company professionals want to work for!


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Participate in a better world


We believe doing good for others makes you feel good as well. It works both ways. As a volunteer you can help an NPO in many ways and as an NPO you give a volunteer the opportunity to be a better person. Help us to keep this positive spirit goes around the world.


Read this blog to live a purposeful life while travelling.

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