Our Mission

Sharing is an easy way to help others. The mission of FairestBnb is to contribute to a better world and we encourage other people to do the same. Bring joy in people's lives and be part of a happy society.

Who we are

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

~ Mahatma Ghandi ~


We at FairestBnb believe that making the world a better place starts with yourself. Our mission is to create a world where sharing is a gift. Sharing skills is an easy way to help others.

There are a lot of organisations and charities that are helping people in need. A lot of people want to help but don’t know where to start. Donating money doesn’t feel good enough to them and they feel like they can do more. Nowadays people want to travel a lot, are more aware of the poverty worldwide and want to see the real world for themselves. So what if we can combine those needs together? Volunteer during your holidays or find out how to become a digital nomad in this blog.

Our mission is to help people in many ways; to make them feel good by helping others and to help people in need. Our platform is made to get more people and companies involved. We are here for anyone who wants to connect with other people, to share and help where possible.

We strive to get as many profit organisations as possible to join us and share their professionals to help the non-profits. Eventually NPO ‘s might get the support of profit organisations through group volunteering. A profit company, together with other companies, can commit to one non-profit organisation and provide them the expertise and the skills they need. Everyone needs help and we need your help with our mission.

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We want to connect, empower and inspire people. We encourage acts of love and kindness. Help us find our way forward together.

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