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Once upon a time…


I was desperately looking for volunteer work abroad and help non-profit organisations. Day after day I spent a lot of time looking for social work my children and I could do during our holidays. I believed this way my children would learn a lot from other countries and other cultures. And most of all, I hoped they would see the differences between ‘our world’ and ‘the other world’.

I searched everywhere on the internet. I saw many (religious) project organisations that offer different kinds of possibilities to help others. Many good and fun projects were initiated all over the world and all over the ‘world wide web’. But there were a couple problems I was facing:

  1. I spent lots of time searching on the internet on separate websites (each organisation has their own);
  2. When I finally found a not-profit organisation I was interested in, I had to do the research on their website and find out that the job was not suitable for us, the time and duration didn’t fit our time or the needed budget didn’t match;
  3. Then I had to start all over again to look for another organisation and had to repeat the same steps again (and again and again);
  4. Volunteering platforms asked for paid memberships and still didn’t always provide a matching job;
  5. The hosts on volunteering platforms didn’t always respond because they couldn’t manage the requests they received.

So that’s when I got the idea for this platform. I want to make it easy for people to help each other.

I have a dream...

There are 190 million companies worldwide and about 10 million registered non-profit organisations.


My dream is to get everybody involved to create a better world. Everybody can do something. All people can volunteer and all companies can help in many ways.

I want to get profitable companies involved to help not-profit organisations. What if all companies support non-profits in some way or another, for example through group volunteering with other companies. What a wonderful world it will be if everybody will commit to a non-profit organisation. Professionals can look ‘behind the scenes’ of the non-profits while volunteering and get involved personally. They will be the ‘ambassador’ of the non-profit organisation for the companies they work for or they can motivate other like-minded people.

The team of FairestBnb encourages people to help each other and creates an easy way to help non-profit organisations, also see our mission. If we can help a handful of people and charities with this platform, we ‘d be over the moon. So let ‘s create a better world together!

The FairestBnb Team


The FairestBnb Team Soe Hau Anita Huisman Tin Tin Hau Martin Hoeve Mirabelle Felix Ngyah

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