Opportunities for NPOs: Connect with Skilled Volunteers

Welcome to FairestBnb, where we bridge the gap between non-profit organisations and skilled volunteers looking to make a difference. As a host, you have the unique opportunity to collaborate with professionals eager to contribute to your cause.

“Help others achieve their dreams and you’ll achieve yours”

~ Les Brown ~


By opening your doors to skilled volunteers, you not only enrich your projects but also foster a culture of learning and growth. Whether you need help with marketing, event planning, or technical projects, our platform makes it easy to find the support you need. Enhance your impact by embracing the power of collaboration. Tap into a diverse pool of experts, each bringing unique creative and technical skills that can enrich your knowledge and amplify your efforts.


Welcoming Skilled Volunteers

FairestBnb champions the spirit of corporate social responsibility, inviting organisations to engage their teams in meaningful volunteer work. Whether as individual professionals or in groups, your employees can contribute their expertise to support non-profit projects. This not only fulfills a sense of purpose but also drives job satisfaction. Our platform is a convergence point where passion meets purpose, where skilled volunteers are eager to make a difference. Their dedication is the key to addressing the needs of NPOs, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and positive change.

Maximise Your Impact with Expert Help

In collaboration with Soweto Care System, FairestBnb is dedicated to aiding NPOs globally in achieving the The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Launched in 2021, our online platform empowers NPOs to seek the assistance they require. From fundraising and enhancing online presence to solving complex problems, NPOs can connect with a network of professionals and experts. Additionally, they can invite skilled volunteers to contribute to their primary objectives. In return for their time and efforts, we encourage NPOs to provide accommodation for these volunteers. FairestBnb welcomes NPOs capable of hosting volunteers to join our platform and access the support they need.

While immediate support cannot always be guaranteed, our commitment is unwavering. We strive to engage profit companies, professionals, and experts in supporting the invaluable work NPOs perform worldwide.

Why Host with FairestBnb?

  • User-Friendly and Free
    Our platform is designed for ease of use and is free for NPOs.
  • Access to Skilled Professionals
    Our platform is home to a diverse pool of talent, from marketing experts to IT professionals, all eager to support non-profit missions.
  • Enhanced Visibility
    By joining FairestBnb, your projects gain exposure to a wider audience, attracting the right volunteers to your cause.
  • Global Reach for Volunteers
    Professionals and companies eager to volunteer can discover NPOs worldwide on our platform.
  • Efficient Booking System
    As a host, set your availability and receive volunteer bookings that match your criteria.
  • CSR Opportunities for Companies
    We encourage companies committed to corporate social responsibility to support their employees in volunteer efforts, enhancing job satisfaction.
  • Collaborative Support
    Companies, professionals, and experts can unite to back an NPO project through group volunteering. We offer guidance and resources to ensure successful collaborations between hosts and volunteers.


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Individual Volunteers

Harness the Power of Skilled Volunteers

Enlist the expertise of marketing gurus, web designers, and photographers to broaden your reach. These volunteers are not just valuable assets to your organisation; they’re potential ambassadors to their workplaces, aligning your cause with companies that share your values. Leverage their skills to elevate your message and create lasting partnerships.

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Project Partners

Uniting Skilled Volunteers

Define your project’s goals and challenges, inviting corporate volunteers to collaborate on innovative solutions. These experts are not just contributors but potential ambassadors, bridging your mission with like-minded companies. Harness their talents to advance your project and foster impactful partnerships.

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How it works


Step 1: Register Your Organisation

Share the heart of your mission and describe the essence of your NPO by detailing your inspiring goals. Show volunteers the impact they can have by joining your cause. Sign Up Now to share your story and connect with volunteers ready to make a difference.

Step 2: Post Your Needs

Specify the skills and roles needed, whether for short-term tasks or long-term engagement. Encourage them to become a part of your journey towards creating a better world by highlighting how their skills and expertise can directly contribute to achieving your objectives. View Listings Here.

Step 3: Connect with Volunteers

Assess volunteer applications and engage with professionals ready to support your mission. Let them understand the profound difference they can make by aligning with your cause. Collaborate to create impactful results.


Ready to Amplify Your Impact?

Become a host with FairestBnb and unlock the potential of your non-profit organisation. Find skilled volunteers who share your passion for change and are ready to help you achieve your goals.

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