FAQs for NPOs

Explore our FAQ section designed for NPOs to learn how FairestBnb facilitates connections with skilled volunteers, enhancing your mission. Find quick answers to streamline your partnership with us.

Essential FAQs

Explore our comprehensive FAQs to find valuable insights and guidance.

What are the costs associated with registering on FairestBnb?

Joining FairestBnb is completely free for both hosts and volunteers. We believe in facilitating connections without barriers, allowing everyone to explore their potential for impact. Your registration supports the ongoing operations of our platform, enabling us to continue bringing together dedicated individuals and organisations.

Why does FairestBnb charge a service fee?

FairestBnb applies a nominal service fee of €18 per booking only when a volunteer’s booking is confirmed by the host. This fee is essential for covering the costs associated with maintaining, enhancing, and expanding our platform, ensuring an effortless connection between volunteers and hosts. Please note, this fee does not include charges from third-party payment service providers, which will be clearly outlined during the booking process.

What is the reason behind FairestBnb's booking site model?

FairestBnb adopts a booking site approach to streamline and simplify the process of connecting volunteers with hosts, aiming to mobilise individuals and organisations efficiently towards common goals. This model allows hosts to opt for instant bookings or to approve bookings based on their discretion. To ensure a smooth and effective connection, we ask hosts to respond to booking requests within 48 hours and volunteers to finalise their bookings within the same timeframe once approved. This system is designed to benefit all parties by facilitating clear and accessible engagements.

Why doesn't FairestBnb feature a forum or review system?

At present, the absence of a forum or review system on FairestBnb is primarily due to the resources required to establish and maintain such features while ensuring they remain free of spam. Our long-term vision includes creating avenues for open communication and feedback. Until then, we are committed to enhancing your experience with the platform as it currently stands, focusing on connecting volunteers and hosts in the most effective and straightforward manner.

How can I change my password?

To update your password, please start by logging out and visiting the ‘login page’. There, you’ll find a ‘Forgot password?’ link. Clicking on this link will direct you to the password reset page, where you can set a new password for your account.

How does FairestBnb ensure the safety and authenticity of its users?

At FairestBnb, we’re committed to fostering a trustworthy community. While we review host profiles before they go live to ensure authenticity, our role primarily facilitates connections rather than acting as an intermediary. We conduct regular checks across profiles but encourage our users to exercise due diligence. For added security, we recommend arranging a video call with your prospective hosts or volunteers before committing, to confirm their identity and intentions.

What should I do if my experience doesn't meet my expectations?

In instances where an exchange doesn’t unfold as anticipated, we encourage open and respectful dialogue between hosts and volunteers. Recognising and respecting each other’s perspectives and cultural differences is crucial. View these experiences as valuable lessons on your journey. Remember, both parties have the option to end the arrangement at any point. Should you choose to do so, we urge you to proceed with kindness, understanding, and a willingness to assist, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved.

How do I close my account with FairestBnb?

To initiate the closure of your account, please reach out to us directly at info@fairestbnb.com. Upon receiving your request, we’ll proceed to deactivate your account. While we retain certain account details to help prevent fraud (for instance, to identify and block attempts by individuals involved in fraudulent activities from creating new accounts), rest assured that your personally identifiable information will no longer be actively used by us, nor will it be sold or shared with third parties, except as necessary for fraud prevention, to aid law enforcement, or as legally required. For more information on how we handle personal data, please refer to our Data and Privacy Policy.

Tailored FAQs for NPOs

Explore our NPO-focused FAQs for key insights on enhancing your mission through partnerships with skilled volunteers at FairestBnb.

How can FairestBnb boost my NPO's visibility and impact?

FairestBnb is committed to elevating the presence and effectiveness of your non-profit organisation by facilitating connections with a diverse network of skilled volunteers. Our platform not only enhances your online visibility through our website and social media outreach but also introduces your mission to professionals and companies eager to support causes that resonate with their values. This collaborative ecosystem is designed to extend your reach, amplify your message, and forge impactful partnerships. Discover how to maximise these opportunities and explore the benefits of corporate social responsibility by visiting resources like The United Nations Volunteers program and CSR Europe.

Can I become a host?

At FairestBnb, our mission is to transform the world into a sharing community, and we warmly welcome all non-profit organisations capable of offering accommodation. Whether it’s a couch, a private room, or a caravan, your willingness to open your doors—and your heart—makes you the perfect host. We cherish a spirit of care and inclusivity, mirroring our commitment to global betterment. For more details on becoming a host and what it entails, please visit Information for hosts.

What makes joining FairestBnb beneficial for me?

FairestBnb stands out by streamlining the connection process between hosts and volunteers, functioning similarly to a booking site without the clutter of a messaging system. You can set your availability, ensuring you only receive bookings or requests that fit your schedule. Unlike other platforms where hosts may be overwhelmed by managing numerous inquiries on top of their responsibilities, FairestBnb simplifies your experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. For a deeper understanding of our unique approach and the inspiration behind our platform, we invite you to explore the “Who we are” page.

What are the expectations for me as a host with FairestBnb?

As a host with FairestBnb, your first role is to embody the spirit of hospitality! Upon joining, you’ll craft a host page on our platform, detailing the assistance or skills you’re seeking from volunteers. It’s important to provide comprehensive information and keep your availability calendar current. For a smooth and beneficial experience for both parties, we anticipate that you will respond to booking requests within 48 hours, just as volunteers are expected to finalise their bookings within 48 hours of your acceptance.

How can I access the contact details of a volunteer?

Once a volunteer completes a booking, their contact information will be readily available to you on your dashboard under the “Bookings” tab. This ensures you have all the necessary details to communicate and coordinate effectively with the volunteer.

What is the meaning of "Require confirmation" in the booking process?

The “Require confirmation” setting, accessible via the “Accommodations” tab on your dashboard, enables you to review and approve booking enquiries before they are finalised. This option allows you the opportunity to confirm details such as the requested booking dates or to familiarise yourself with your potential guest, ensuring each booking meets your criteria and availability. A booking will only be completed once you have provided your approval, affording you complete oversight of the process.

What is meant by "Instant booking"?

“Instant booking” is a feature that enables volunteers who match your specified criteria to confirm their stay directly, bypassing the need for a preliminary booking request. This facilitates immediate planning for the volunteer, eliminating any waiting period for your confirmation. Adopting “Instant booking” significantly increases the likelihood of securing volunteer assistance. Should you prefer to review bookings before confirmation, the “Required approval” (default) option is available under the “Accommodations” tab on your dashboard, offering you flexibility in managing incoming requests.

Why might a booking be cancelled by a volunteer?

Bookings can be cancelled by volunteers due to a variety of reasons and circumstances. Should a cancellation occur, the dates previously reserved for your accommodation will become available once more, allowing other volunteers the opportunity to book.

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