8 Packing Tips for Digital Nomads Working Abroad

Are you planning on working abroad as a digital nomad? Preparing well for your trip can be quite a challenge, as you do not want to forget anything. Therefore, we have created this list with 8 packing tips to help you in your preparations. 

Try these 8 packing tips

Here are our ultimate 8 packing tips for digital nomads working abroad:

#1 Live out of your suitcase before you leave

Our number 1 lifehack when it comes to packing tips for digital nomads, is to practice living out of your suitcase one week before leaving. This way, you will definitely notice if there are items missing or that you truly need in your daily life to function well.

#2 Pack the stuff that is the most expensive

Oftentimes, space is tight while travelling. Therefore, you should consider packing items that would be the most expensive to purchase in your destination country. Cheap items such as socks, underwear, t-shirts and more take up unnecessary space and these items can easily be purchased once you arrive at your destination.

#3 Categorise your packing list

One of the best packing tips is to create categories for your packing list. This way, you stay organised while packing and avoid getting overwhelmed. Here are a few suggestions for categories to include in your packing list:

  • Work items: Which items do you need for doing your work tasks?
  • Toiletry products: Which items do you need every day for getting ready?
  • Medicines: Do you have medicines and/or supplements that you use on a daily basis?
  • Electronics: Which electronic items do you use daily that you’d like to take with you?
  • Clothing: Digital nomads usually stick to the 7 day rule, which means packing clothing for 7 days (or purchasing clothing for 7 days at your destination). However, the amount of clothing you take with you, depends on the place you are travelling to.
  • Documents: Which legal documents do you need to take with you on your trip?

#4 Purchase a rainproof backpack

Trust us, when we say that you won’t regret this choice! You never know when rain will take you by surprise and it would be a shame to see all your electronics, documents & clothes become wet and perhaps even damaged. With a rainproof backpack you will avoid this hassle and save yourself a lot of trouble.

#5 Pack a few personal items

While this may seem like a luxury, it is wise to pack a few things that are important to you as a person. Whether it is a diary, a photo album or a specific necklace: take it along with you. Why? Because the life of a digital nomad can be somewhat unsettled at times and you may feel the need to be near familiar things that mean much to you. Believe us, it may be a nice comfort in challenging times.

#6 Think practical

As a digital nomad, you will always be on the go. Therefore, one of our most important packing tips for digital nomads is to think practical. For example, leave that fluffy towel at home and take a quick-dry towel with you instead. Or consider choosing a couple of outfits that go with the same pair of jeans to save space. Overall, thinking practical will save you lots of space in your backpack and time while you are travelling.

#7 Invest in a good pair of shoes

One thing you will be doing a lot while travelling, is walking. Therefore, do not hesitate to splurge some money on a high quality pair of shoes. Your feet will thank you for it and your overall travel experience will be more pleasant. Good shoes are a must have on your packing list.

#8 Make a copy of all important documents

Our final and maybe one of the most important packing tips, is to make a copy of all your important documents. Store these copies in a safe online cloud. You never know if you’ll lose your passport, bank cards or other travel documents. Therefore, storing them in a safe online environment ensures you that you will always have them nearby in case the originals get lost.

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