A Purposeful Work Life, Change an Economic System!

There has never been such a need for a new vision of life. The pandemic has changed our lives, not only in terms of the economy but also in how we live and how we want to live. Operating within the traditional economy imposes more constraints on personal freedom than ever before. How do you find a purposeful work life and live a balanced life?

Sabbatical leave to gain personal goals

We are more aware of wellbeing, health, work life balance and living a balanced life. The root of this is a sense of personal wellbeing, wherever we are in the world. More than ever, people volunteer or take a sabbatical leave travelling the world. They have obtained remarkable experiences for life. They have been able to gain more insight into themselves and the world around them. Volunteering and travelling can cause changes in your life. It gives you unforgettable experiences and it develops greater self-understanding.

People want a purposeful work life more than just a paycheck

According to studies including this by Ernst & Young and this by McKinsey, people want to feel like they are doing something important. They want to live a purposeful work life and feel as though they are contributing to the wider world. As our world becomes ever more complex, employers that can help employees to make a difference will be more likely to keep them working for them. Help them find work that is not only meaningful but also acknowledges the full range of their abilities, interests, and aspirations. People are not motivated by money; they are motivated by purpose. They want to believe that their job makes a difference in the world, and they want to be proud of what they do each and every day.

Work life defined by value

We strongly believe that all people are ‘change makers’. No matter how big or small. If everyone does something, we will go a long way. We want to see a big movement; companies that do have the resources support the parties who fight for a nicer world. Read this blog what you should consider as a company. NPO’s and activists fighting for a better world, the climate and the less fortunate. We want to connect them with people who can contribute to that and gain a big step in what they want to achieve. This is a system that needs changing and we need to change it together. An economy defined by value coming back into the equation, not how much money you make.

Only together we ‘ll make an impact on the world. Do you want to be part of this economic system change? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@fairestbnb.com