20 Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Perform From Anywhere In The World

Do you want to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world? The life of adventure and travelling surely seems appealing to many, but how on earth can you realise this while still creating a sustainable income? In this blog, we share 20 popular digital nomad jobs that help you to work from anywhere you want, whenever you want.

These Digital Nomad Jobs Can Be Performed From Anywhere in the World

Here is an overview of the top 20 digital nomad jobs:

#1 Blogging

If you are good at writing and have a strong interest in a specific niche, you may want to consider starting a blog. Through affiliate marketing and advertising, your blog can create a passive income stream that generates money 24/7. Perfect while travelling abroad!

#2 Digital Marketing consultant

For those of you who have a background in digital marketing, one of the several digital nomad jobs you may want to pursue is becoming a digital marketing consultant. As a digital marketing consultant, you help entrepreneurs to set up a steady online marketing strategy that will increase their sales.

#3 Freelance writing

Do you love to write and are you good at it too? As a freelance writer, you help businesses with their written communication. You will be surprised how big the demand for your writing talent is, once you get started!

#4 Web design

Are you a genius at programming and do you have a natural talent for design and usability experience? Why not become a web designer and build and design websites for others?

#5 Translation

If you are bilingual and write and speak the languages fluently and flawlessly, you may want to consider becoming a translator. Translation is one of the most attractive digital nomad jobs, as you can develop your language skills further or perhaps even learn new languages while travelling abroad.

#6 Online coaching

Are you an expert in a specific area and do you want to share your teachings with others? Why not become an online coach? Online coaching is one of the digital nomad jobs which is very popular, but keep in mind that you may have to deal with the timezones of your clients.

#7 Software development

One of the other digital nomad jobs you can pursue when you are good at programming, is becoming a software developer. As a software developer, you analyse the user’s needs and then design, test and develop software that meets those needs.

#8 Customer service

If you like to help others and want a job that does not require too much experience, you may want to work in customer service. Many companies have a 24/7 customer service guarantee and are looking for individuals willing to work during these uncommon hours. 

#9 Virtual assistant

Many entrepreneurs with small businesses reach a point where they are not able to pick up all the small tasks anymore. This involves tasks such as answering emails, scheduling appointments and customer service. As a virtual assistant, you help these entrepreneurs with these tasks.

#10 Social media management

Do you have a background in social media and are you skilled at growing a following on various social media channels? As a social media manager, you help companies with growing their social media accounts. Perfect for those looking for creative digital nomad jobs!

#11 Illustration & graphic design

Are you skilled at illustrating and creating the most beautiful graphic designs? Let us tell you a secret: many professionals are not and are looking for exactly your talent! As a graphic designer and illustrator you help them to reach their clients with the right visuals.

#12 Transcribing

This is perhaps one of the easiest digital nomad jobs! All you need is to be fluent in your language and to write it flawlessly. As a transcriber, you listen to audio files sent to you by your clients and type over the words in written form.

#13 Video editing

If you are skilled at editing videos, know that there are plenty of opportunities for you out there to make a living from it as a digital nomad. As social media platforms appear to value video content increasingly more, video editing definitely is a profession with enormous growth potential.

#14 Online courses

Similarly to online coaching, creating an online course enables you to teach your knowledge and skills to others. The only difference is that you can automate an online course and generate a passive income from it that works for you 24/7. Accordingly, this is one of the digital nomad jobs that provides you with incredibly much freedom.

#15 Online advertising

Are you talented at advertising? Many companies are not and are looking for your skills. As an online advertiser, you manage the advertising budgets of companies and help them to grow their sales and revenue.

#16 Influencer

In recent years, the term influencer has arised. As an influencer, you share your daily life on platforms such as Instagram and focus on growing a big social following. The bigger your following, the higher the chance that companies pay you to promote their products.

#17 Copywriter

Another job for those of you good at writing, is copywriting. As a copywriter, you write texts with the objective to generate more leads and sales. Copywriting is a skill where knowledge about marketing, persuasion techniques and human psychology are required.

#18 Youtuber

If you are not into blogging, why not try vlogging? Youtube offers a wonderful platform to monetise your video content. All you need is a specific niche, knowledge about that topic and video editing skills. 

#19 Self-published author

Are you good at writing and also an expert in a specific area? Or are you talented at writing fiction? Why not become a self-published author? Nowadays, platforms such as Amazon enable you to skip the publisher companies and publish your book on your own right away and make money from it. A wonderful passive income while living the digital nomad lifestyle.

#20 Podcaster

Finally, one of the creative and fun digital nomad jobs is to become a podcaster. Create your own podcast within a specific niche and invite guests to talk about that topic with you. Once your podcast grows, you can monetise it through affiliate marketing & advertising.

Dare to dream

Now that you have read about these 20 digital nomad jobs, it is time to start dreaming. Even if you do not possess the skill of your dream profession yet, know that it is never too late to learn. Don’t let fear get in the way of your dream.

Once you have developed a certain skill and want to become a digital nomad, know that there are thousands of companies out there waiting for your skills. If you’d like to use your skills for a good cause while travelling abroad, you may want to have a look at the hosts on FairestBnb, who can’t wait to welcome you at their accommodation.