Is a Sustainable Economy Possible?

We all talk about a better future (for our children), climate change, SDG’s, sustainability and engagement. Is a sustainable economy possible? Are we ready for it? It means a change in our lives and in our organisations. We all know, people are reluctant to change. Although achieving it is difficult and takes time. There needs to be a deep realisation that we can’t go on like this. Then we can ask ourselves: “How do we change this and in which timeframe?”

Movement is needed!

To move towards a sustainable economy the relationship between power/money and the purpose of doing business must change. The model of continuously increasing shareholder value is no longer viable. We need to move towards stakeholder value and a sustainable purpose economy. Get people highly motivated for contributing to this, a paradigm shift has to take place. We at Fairestbnb are putting all our effort in raising awareness and enabling sustainable support.

NPO’s and their mission

Many non-profit organisations (NPO’s) have a mission to help the less fortunate and make the world a better place. Their way of ‘running the organisation’ is sometimes not very professional and often highly reactive (e.g. humanitarian aid in war zones etc.). This makes them fragile and less sustainable.

Unfortunately in our world today there are still many groups that rely on continued help from NPO’s. Think of care for orphans, victims of domestic- or war violence. But also nature preservation like reforestation. What could help these NPO’s is a moving to a more sustainable way of ‘doing business’. And become less dependent of occasional volunteers, donations and funding.

Collaboration leading to sustainable solutions

An area in Africa was dealing with low nutritional crops and food production. In a broad collaboration between TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), WUR (Wageningen University & Research on Agriculture) and Achmea Foundation (a separate entity funded by Achmea, a strong international insurance company) a project was launched, to increase the nutritional value of food in that area. Small farmers were encouraged to start breeding crickets, as they are easy to breed at a low cost and high on protein. A complete supply chain for cricket production was eventually created. As a result, overall nutritional values rose and small farmers were able to generate a better income for themselves.

On a smaller scale, we can help setting up marketing campaigns for NPO’s to enable them to increase their visibility and reach. Or we could support the creative process of developing ‘commercial’ products that could enable NPO’s to obtain more financial independence.

What can you do as a company?

A better world starts with you! It’s not only about making donations. We encourage you to look at what knowledge and skills you have that could be of use to an NPO. Determine how much you can contribute within your budget and possibilities. Then we can help you to find an NPO that needs the type of contribution that you/your company can make.
Once the match is made nothing stands in the way of achieving sustainable results and building stronger, more independent and robust NPO’s!!

Let’s get in touch

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