Where does My Intrinsic Motivation come from?

Has my career been a factor that made me decide to start FairestBnb? Was it ‘handed to me by life’ or was it my ‘calling’? Has it been influenced by my work or has my personal life impacted my work? Where does my intrinsic motivation come from? Let me share a little story with you.

My introduction to ‘society’

My first job was in a retirement home. I was about 16 years old at the time. Around dinner time, the residents came downstairs alone, or they were picked up. Then they sat at the table waiting to be served by a colleague or me. For some of them, that was the only pleasant trip they had on such a day and looked forward to. That moment when we talk to them, joke with them or just give them some attention made their day. They were uplifted by these little moments. I realised that something so small meant so much to someone. I really took time for it, usually after dinner. It might be then that originated with me the concept of what today is called ‘social contribution’.

Volunteering next to my job

Even after that, I volunteered as a single parent in addition to my job and devoted my free time to it. I helped Chinese seniors fill out application forms for retirement benefits. Also I accompanied elderly people living in a nearby nursing home on a weekly basis. I have been volunteering all my life but having a family with small children made it more and more difficult to make time available for it.

My quest abroad

I also had the desire to volunteer abroad. Just something different and help the people in the country where we were spending our vacations. That became quite a search… There are plenty of platforms where you can become a member for a flat fee, but you are not always sure if you find a match. Also, many project organisations have entire programs that more benefit the volunteer than the non-profit itself. It was also not always clear on the NPO’s website what and when volunteering was available. In the end, I did my volunteering only in my home country.

Impact on my choice of job

My first job after college was with a family business. For me, at one point there were no more career opportunities within this company. Meanwhile, a friend approached me to work for an IT service provider. She asked me several times if I was interested in switching my job. At first I had no interest in this at all, until I looked at the website of her employer; VX Company. I saw that they supported a project in Haiti through SOS Children’s Villages. VX Company was already a company doing CSR at that time. That convinced me, I wanted to work for them and be a part of this. They also support the Soweto Care System with which FairestBnb now has a partnership. I am so grateful to them for making that happen!

Companies will introduce Volunteer Time Off

More people and companies want to get involved socially. Nowadays also in the form of Volunteer Time Off (VTO). More and more companies offer employees extra days to do something social during business hours. This way, employers support in achieving a personal mission too. How wonderful is that! I believe that when you see and experience a ‘different world’ yourself, you experience personal growth. You also learn something new other than from the familiar surroundings you live in.

Share your story with me!

What is your intrinsic motivation of your social contribution? What triggers you what you are doing right now? Share your story with me and email me at soe@fairestbnb.com