6 Tips for Developing Healthy Habits As a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads are known for their adventurous, dynamic lifestyle. Travelling the world involves benefits such as learning more about new cultures, traditions and lifestyles. However, the downside of this life is that it may be quite challenging to maintain healthy habits. In this blog, we share 6 tips on how to be able to still take well care of your body while travelling.

#1 Work out while you are travelling

Exercising regularly is important when you are home and it is just as important when you are travelling the world. The benefits of exercising as a digital nomad is that you most likely get to do it in the most beautiful surroundings. 

There are multiple ways to exercise while you are travelling, such as hiking, going for a run, joining an online sports program or swimming. However, you should adapt your exercise routine to your surroundings. It may not be the safest choice to go running in an area where the roads aren’t the best. Exercising regularly will keep your body and mind healthy and is therefore a healthy habit that you easily can implement as a digital nomad.

#2 Conscious eating

Besides exercising, the food you consume on a daily basis plays a major role in your overall health while travelling. Therefore, you should try to implement this as one of your healthy habits as soon as possible. Sure, it may be tempting to try the most exciting food every single day, but many of the incredibly tasty food options out there sadly aren’t the healthiest. 

Therefore, try to be conscious about your daily consumption of food. Just like you wouldn’t eat fast food every day when you are at home, you shouldn’t do so while travelling. Eat enough fruit and vegetables and try to cook your own meal whenever you have the chance. Also, consider always carrying fruit in your backpack as a healthy snack in between meals. 

#3 Sleep

One of the most important healthy habits as a digital nomad is to get enough sleep. It can be challenging to maintain a structured sleep pattern when you are living your dream and travelling. However, not sleeping a sufficient amount of hours may result in memory issues, trouble with thinking and concentration, mood changes, weakened immunity and many other health complications.

Therefore, make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night. However, this can be quite a challenge while you are travelling. Loud accommodations, uncomfortable beds or rooms that aren’t dark enough may influence your sleep in a negative way. Hence, bring along items that help you to improve your sleep quality: ear plugs for noisy environments and eye masks for too bright rooms can do wonders for your sleep routine!

#4 Mind work

Besides taking care of your physical health, your mental health is just as important. Relaxing your mind and working on your mental health can improve your level of happiness, self-confidence and reduce anxiety and stress. Accordingly, try to implement mind work as one of your healthy habits as soon as possible. 

You may want to try meditation, start writing a journal or follow yoga classes to ensure that you are maintaining your mental health. If you feel the need to see a therapist, Betterhelp connects you with therapists that are offering online therapy sessions. By taking good care of your mental health, you can enjoy your time travelling abroad more.

#5 Schedule leisure time

Digital nomads who are working with people from all over the world may experience working different hours throughout the day. When you have clients from different continents and those clients want to speak to you, you may find yourself in a conference call at 9pm in the evening or 5 am in the morning. Accordingly, it can be challenging to find time for leisure.

However, scheduling leisure time is one of the most important healthy habits to relax and wind down after working. By scheduling time for leisure, you allow yourself to discover new things while you are travelling and to get your mind off work for a while. Also, it is an important self care activity to recharge your energy.

#6 Make a healthy habits list

These 5 healthy habits can help you to live a healthy life as a digital nomad. Before you start travelling, we recommend you to make a healthy habits list. 

Write down all the healthy habits that you practice at home to function properly. These habits will most likely also be of high importance for you when you are travelling. Take your list along on your trip and make sure to check off all the items whenever you have the chance. Your health will thank you for it!