How far do Chief Happiness Officers go?

Future generations want to travel more and want to contribute to a better world. Do companies want to support them in this by appointing a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’? How far do you go to obtain job satisfaction for employees?

The importance of engaged employees

Engaged employees are an important factor for the success of an organisation. They are more productive and innovative. The chance that they look around for another job is smaller. To increase employee engagement many companies have appointed a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO).

It’s a two-way street to keep employees engaged. A symbiotic relationship where both the employer and the employee trust each other for their support. If one fails, engagement will quickly drop. In addition, an increasing number of employees derive their purpose in life from their work. That is also part of their job satisfaction.

Is your company future-proof?

Partly caused by the labour shortage, employees have more to choose from. Therefore they choose to work for companies that are in line with their own core values. And besides that to deliver something for their own personal gain. Thinking “What’s in it for me”, they choose job satisfaction.

Involved shareholders think that companies should have social interests. And customers also demand more from companies they work with. The future of companies is therefore dependent on their contribution on this topic. The corporate strategy needs to be a balance between profit, people and planet in order to be future-proof. Tell us, what is on your agenda regarding this topic the coming years?

Bonding and involving employees

Continously more companies support their employees in meaningfulness by lending them to non-profit organisations. This way a company also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals. Companies increasingly recognise the worth of job satisfaction for employees.

The advantages for the company include a lower absenteeism. Employees benefit by developing personally and learning certain soft skills in a practical situation. Also sharing experiences with colleagues creates bonding and involvement!

Volunteer days for employees?

Are you a Chief Happiness Officer or do you work for the HR department? And would you like to know more on how to arrange volunteer days for your employees? We look forward getting in touch with you and tell you more about it!

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