Do NPO’s Want to Be Helped?

Non-profit organisations (NPO) are committed to a specific social cause or need of a community. They address issues where government and society have not been able to provide a sound solution. We at FairestBnb, are committed to supporting NPO’s to get closer to their goals. The question is: Do they want to be helped?

What an NPO stands for

Essentially, the name non-profit organisation says it all: Organisations that are non-focused on profit and work toward social and community purposes. NPO’s often rely on funding and donations. They have a mission and focus on a particular target group for the sake of their well-being. This may include people, flora and fauna. It would be wonderful if we could support them in this!

And what do they need?

As to what they need, we cannot give a precise answer. There is no “one size fits all” package that meets the requirements of all NPO’s. The need can differ from one NPO to another depending on their status or stage. And they probably will not be able to give you an answer right away. But we can collaborate with them and learn to understand their situation with respect to their available resources, circumstances and dependencies. By sharing knowledge and looking at it from multiple perspectives, we can jointly reach a sustainable solution.

Initiative of VX Company, a social impact example

In 2006, a VXCompany employee visited South Africa as a volunteer. He noticed that many NPO’s did their records manually and kept track of paper documentation. This led to duplication and loss of various documents. After returning to the office, he couldn’t let go of the thought that this could be done much more efficiently. He decided to share the situation with his employer. His employer VXCompany, an IT service provider, was so inspired by the story that they decided to develop a registration system, the Soweto Care System (SCS), specifically for these organisations.

The impact

It may seem simple and small at times, but the SCS has now saved many lives by registering orphans and HIV patients using this system. This initiative has also improved the living conditions of local people and created many job opportunities. Today there are more than 147 NPO’s using this system and VXCompany is still helping with new developments. All thanks to the commitment of a volunteer and his employer!

Experience or ideas?

Sometimes best ideas comes from on-the-job experience and learning with NPO’s themselves like the story above. You can also contribute to solutions this way. Experience how an NPO does its work and see what can be done differently and more efficiently. Be part of their thinking so they can focus on their goals. You can build your own experience through one of the many NPO’s offered by FairestBnb.

Do you have experience with NPO’s or connecting people or have other ideas what we can do? Please share them with us at: Together we know more than one!