Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship, how do you do that? We want to work with companies that are prepared to take responsibility and see that there are gains to be made. We are looking for three companies that want to participate in a pilot with us. Are you in?

Companies have a social responsibility

Do you dare to bear this responsibility? Then we are looking for you to help us make that social impact and have relevance to society.

Bringing real change in society, that’s what we strive for. Employees want to be part of companies that do more than ‘just’ provide a great product or a good service. They want to contribute, preferably together with the organisation, to a greater cause. Contribute to the well-being of people, society and the environment is becoming more and more important.

Improve work-life balance

Due to working from home, globalisation and awareness, the boundaries between private life and work is becoming less and less visible. The Covid pandemic has changed our working day. We got to know each other differently during that time and were allowed to see the living room, attic, pets and children of our colleagues, which also led to conversations about private matters.

A certain solidarity has grown, which led to more involvement with – and understanding for each other. Employees and employers were forced to work together more flexible and challenged their creativity. Which gave their connection another dimension. Employees were sometimes struggling their work-life balance and employers had to be aware of that and support wherever they could.

How valuable are your employees to your company?

Or even better, how valuable is your company to your employees? Being able to rely on each other builds a foundation of trust. If you’ve overcome the pandemic, together! That is a solid basis for thinking about the future.

Are you in?

We are looking for three companies that want to participate in a pilot with us. You offer your employees ‘volunteer days’ (during working hours). We discuss which goals you want to support and what the possibilities are.

Do you want to be a pioneer of the ‘purpose economy’? Join now and commit to ‘the greater good’!

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