The Ultimate Travel Guide for Beginning Travellers

Travelling around the world and learning more about various countries, cultures and traditions is appealing to many. However, a big adventure like this requires some preparation. Especially beginning travellers oftentimes don’t know where to start. Look no further, because we have created the ultimate travel guide for beginning travellers!

Before your trip

Already before your trip, there is a lot you should consider as a beginning traveller. Below, we have summarised the most important things for you.

# 1 Insurances & health

First of all, you should have a look at your health insurance policy and travel. Perhaps, consider getting travel health insurance. In addition, make sure to get all the required vaccinations in time before departure.

#2 Documents

As a beginning traveller, you should ensure that you have an international driver’s license, enough pages in your passport and applied for all relevant visas. Additionally, check the expiration date on your passport and make sure that it is valid for a long period. Also, don’t forget to make copies of important documents and store them in a safe (digital) environment. Additionally, give copies of your documents to a close family member.

#3 Book your first accommodations

While part of the adventure of travelling is to live spontaneously, it may be nice to know where you will be sleeping the first few nights of your trip. This way, you can get used to your new surroundings first without having to worry about where you will stay.

You may want to consider staying with locals, as you will experience the culture in a more authentic way. Why not connect with one of our hosts here?

#4 Double check dates

If you have booked transport and accommodations, make sure that you have booked them for the right dates. This will save you stress and money on your trip.

#5 Make a packing list

Prepare your trip beforehand by making a packing list. This way, you make sure to not forget anything. While making this list, also consider the weather of your destination. 

#6 Set your bills to autopay

During your trip as a beginning traveller, you do not want to worry about the finances. Make sure to set your bills to autopay or pay your bills in advance to get this out of your mind.

#7 Notify the bank about your travel

Your bank may find it suspicious to suddenly see bank activities from the other side of the world. Therefore, notify them beforehand about your destinations, so they won’t block your account while you are abroad.

#8 Get a travel credit card

Another tip for beginning travellers is to get a travel credit card. Oftentimes, these cards have wonderful reward programs and could potentially save you thousands each year. This way, you can travel cheaply and use that saved up money for something else.

During your trip

Also during your trip, you may want to consider a few aspects as a beginning traveller. Here is a summary of the most important ones.

#1 Visit the local tourism office

Once you have arrived at a new destination, make sure to visit the local tourism office as soon as possible. They know about the best deals for travellers and can give you as a beginning traveller great tips.

#2 Don’t carry all your worthy belongings with you everywhere you go

Once you have found a safe accommodation with a locker, make sure to leave some of your worthy belongings behind. You don’t want to carry around too much cash or cards with you, in case you get robbed or lose them. Always have a backup somewhere else.

#3 Visit tourist attractions around lunchtime

Of course, you as a beginning traveller want to see some tourist attraction. Try visiting them around lunchtime, because they are way less crowded around that time of the day.

#4 Carry a first-aid kit with you

Another important tip for you as a beginning traveller, is to always carry a first-aid kit with you. Just the basics, such as painkillers, bandaids and disinfection gel. This way, you are prepared for small emergencies.

#5 Accommodations

While it may be tempting to stay at a hotel all the time, this is not the cheapest way of travel. There are cheaper alternatives out there, such as hostels or working in exchange for an accommodation. Why not have a look at the hosts on our platform, who’d be more than happy to offer you a place to stay in exchange for your skills.

#6 Don’t overplan

On your trip, you may want to see as much as possible within a short period of time. However, this is a mistake many beginning travellers make. Don’t forget that all the new experiences can be quite a lot for you to process. Therefore, only try to plan 1-2 small activities a day and go with the flow. This way, you will avoid travel burn out.

After your trip

Also after your trip, there are a few things that you can do to make the most of your trip:

#1 Create a photo album

After your first travel, you are not a beginning traveller anymore and perhaps ready to embark on new adventures very soon. Once you have travelled all over the world, remembering everything you have experienced during your trips may be a challenge. Therefore, try to always create a photo album with stories from your trips when you come back home. This way, you can cherish those memories forever.

#2 Reflect

When you are back home again, we recommend you to reflect on your trip as soon as possible. What did you enjoy? What did you dislike? Think about how this knowledge can help you during your next trip, to make that trip even more fun and aligned with your needs.

Good luck on your first trip!

After reading this blog, you are well-prepared for your first trip. Remember to check out our platform regularly for the newest inspiration blogs on travelling abroad. Make sure to follow us on social media to never miss out on anything we share.