Celebrate Our First Anniversary

We at FairestBnb believe that making the world a better place starts with yourself. Our mission is to create a world where sharing is a gift. FairestBnb is established to encourage people creating this purpose economy with us. And now, we celebrate our first Anniversary! Here is an update what we have done so far.

A difficult start during the pandemic

In 2021 we launched our platform FairestBnb and now we celebrate our 1st Anniversary.

Thank you for your trust in the past year and be part of a purpose economy!
The corona pandemic was a difficult period for all of us. During the pandemic protecting everyone’s health was of course a top priority, leading to very little travel. This made generating fruitful connections, through our platform, between NPO’s and volunteers quite a challenge. Fortunately that seems to be behind us and we hope that everyone will face the future positively. We would like to give you an update on what we have done the past year to facilitate making the world a better place.

What we have achieved this year

  • We ran several social media campaigns.
  • A partnership with Soweto Care System we have entered.
  • We have been working on optimising our platform, making it more reliable.
  • We have grown our permanent team and will be expanding even further!

Of course, we are not there yet. We are ready for the next step and we help NPO’s to become less dependent on external funding or charity.

Our plans for the future

We are picking up speed, so here are our plans for the near future:

  • Follow up several leads that we have with profit corporations/companies to investigate working together on supporting NPO’s.
  • Our focus will be on developing a deeper understanding of the needs of our partner NPO’s in order to link them with volunteers and supporting companies that better match their needs.
  • We are going to increase our on- and offline activities on creating more social awareness in the world.

We are stronger together!

We are passionate about making the world a better place but together we can go faster and further!
So would you like to help us building a purpose economy? Join us here FairestBnb or email us: info@fairestbnb.com
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