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About this host - 'Sadhana Forest in India'

Sadhana Forest is an international vegan volunteer organization doing reforestation in India (since 2003), Haiti (since 2010), and Kenya (since 2014). In India we reforest severely eroded land into indigenous forest. In Haiti and Kenya, we plant food forests for long-term food security in arid and malnourished regions. Our close relationship with the local population is the key to our success, as we rely on the motivation of people to care for their forests in order to have a long-lasting impact. Sadhana Forest won the Third Prize Humanitarian Water and Food Award in Denmark in 2010.

Sadhana Forest is a vibrant community with people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a place for people from all over the world to experience first-hand the phenomenon of human unity! We host volunteers, interns and students providing an opportunity to learn hands-on about reforestation, biodiversity, water conservation and sustainable living. Volunteers need no prior experience and will be trained on all activities by our experienced management team. As we are working towards raising our consciousness, volunteers do not consume any drugs or alcohol on the campus or outside for the duration of their stay.

Details of help

Sadhana Forest India, started in 2003, focuses on recreating the local indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest that is now close to total extinction after over two centuries of deforestation. Our activities in this project involve planting indigenous trees on the land and installing various water conservation structures thereby rehabilitating the landscape. We have a vegan cow sanctuary that has drawn a lot of attention from volunteers and visitors alike, who enjoy meeting and interacting with the animals in a wholly new, social way. We have introduced a Vegan Tea Hut which serves as a community center for the local villagers. We also have an educational project for local children with a playground made of recycled materials.


If you’re in a place in life where you want to contribute to society and make a difference in the world, Sadhana Forest is the right place for you. Sadhana Forest furthers our work through seva (selfless service), and we look forward to doing seva with you.

Sadhana Forest India offers volunteers accommodation in its off-grid, sustainable living campus. Most short-term and mid-term volunteers stay in the dormitory huts. Families, couples, and individuals over the age of 40 are given private huts to stay in, if any are available. Sadhana Forest is located on the outskirts of Auroville, an international township. It is approximately 6 km from the Visitor Center in Auroville. There are many activities and places of interest in Auroville that volunteers can get acquainted with during their stay. They may also wish to explore the city of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry) while staying at Sadhana Forest. Auroville and Puducherry are accessible by road and Sadhana Forest offers the use of bicycles for volunteers.

Extra information

  • Internet Access
  • Private room
  • We offer a pick-up for arrival
  • We offer meals
  • We have pets
  • We are smokers

What else

All guests are asked not to smoke cigarettes (including both local “bidis” and electronic cigarettes), use drugs, or drink alcohol, inside or outside of Sadhana Forest, during their entire stay! This guideline helps us always to remain fully aware of our behavior and maintains our personal health, safety and security.  It is also our way of supporting those who would like to live a life free of these substances.  Only come to Sadhana Forest if you are 100% sure that you are able and willing to completely respect this request.  Volunteers who do not respect this guideline will be immediately instructed by the Project Director to leave Sadhana Forest for at least 6 months.




Date of Travel

Minimum of 5 and maximum of 366 nights is required

Number of volunteers

Maximum of 99 volunteers per booking

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