Need assistance from volunteers 5 hours a day, 5 days a week with Social Media and Fundraising.

About this host - 'Champion of Hope'

My name is Esme Fourie, I am a  person with paraplegia,Im a wheelchair user.

I started working at  the Association for Persons with Disabilities in the Free State where I held the position  of Regional Manager. I worked for the organisation from May 2000 until July 2009,after which I registered Champion of Hope where I hold the position as Founder and Director.

Our Mission is we empower People Living with Disabilities by developing them through Skills Development and Skills Training.

We raise awareness on the prevention of disability, as well as on the potential,capabilities,challenges and needs of People with Disabilities. Our Vision by contrast we choose to focus on which is positive,to see,understand and believe in the abilities of our clients to play a meaningful role in the mainstream of society.



Details of help

Our services includes but are not limited to:

Skills Development and Skills Training

Economic Empowerment

Income Generation

Job Creation

Job Placement

Awareness and Promotion

Sports Development and Sports Training


Women’s Programs

Children and Youth Programs.


Our Objectives are :

Information and Educational programs to protect and promote the rights of Persons with Disabilities ,the Hearing and Sight Impaired (including those affected and infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.



The volunteers can stay at the  private  home of the Director, they can either share  a room or  stay private, they will be provided with meals and they will be provided with the transportation of the Director. The volunteers will also be provide with cleaning services.

The CBD IS in walking distance from my house. The church is also in a walking distance from my house or they can use the transportation that will be provided for them to go to a church of their choice.


Extra information

  • Internet Access
  • Private room
  • We offer a pick-up for arrival
  • We offer meals
  • We have pets
  • We are smokers

What else

I am  a 54 year old single  woman,living  on my own and I am looking for volunteers  with a positive attitude, I am a Christian we don’t have to have the same believes but we must at least  respect one another’s believes



It is not possible to book this accommodation, there is currently no availability.