Matthew He is a certified Permaculturist, Agro-Ecologist, Slowfoodist, Climate Change Activist, Eco-Designer, Humanitarian, Peace Advocate, Creative Artist, Wellness Coach, Sportsman and a Missioner.

We are a registered ecological based nonprofit situated here in the Volta region of Ghana.

Our Vision is for humans, animals, fruits, vegetables and everything to live peacefully and happily with a well functioning ecosystems.

Our works are guided by permaculture – regenerative principles, ethics and design systems.


To teach, empower and promote peace and culture

We are very passionate to meeting people from all around the globe and sharing our knowledge and good times with them. We believe in the power of togetherness to effect positive change.

Cause of our action:

The use of toxic chemicals, waste and poor waste management, lack of  access to tools and alternate knowledge, community breakdown, lack of harmony and peace, segregation, tribalism, climate change effects, Alleviating the suffering among the communities from  within and beyond and developing the society, Restoring Hopes to the less Fortunate, hunger and diseases and are otherwise unable to achieve the basics in their lives and a whole lot of ugly situations.

Volunteers/Interns Needed:

Eco Farming, Eco building/constructions, Eco Soccer project, School Aid – Teaching/Learning Projects, Language classes, Aged Care, Mobile Health Care, Clean Water Project, Youth Empowerment, Music project (Local and International), Creative Arts/Culture Project, Social learning ,Reading club project and eco tourism project, etc.

Details of help

Hour expected:

Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week


not required.


We are open to teach and learn from each other. Respect is required for your host, fellow volunteer or intern as well as for nature. We ask that you do your very best to collaborate with the activities… Schedule of work is totally voluntary. Do well to keep everything clean and in order as much as you can.



  • Private room
  • Shared room
  • Family Stay
  • Tipi Stay
  • Farm Stay
  • Eco Stay

Electricity and Water



Very good reception but you sure need to have a mifi or a sim card (chip) to enable you access internet.


By bus
The Volta Region is best accessed by road. STC, the national bus network of Ghana, runs buses every day (except Sunday) from Accra to Ho. These buses are air conditioned, run on schedule and are efficient and quick. STC buses depart from their own stations where tourists can book tickets in advance so that they are assured of a seat.
Metro-Mass buses, which can be identified by their orange colour, also run buses from Accra to Ho, Hohoe and Kapando as well as smaller localities in the Volta Region. They operate out of tro-tro stations and are cheaper than STC buses, though they charge an additional fee for luggage.

By taxi
Tourists can hire either shared taxis or drop taxis to reach Ho, Hohoe and Kpando. Shared taxis are less expensive. However, these taxis do not start till the drivers have taken on as many passengers as they can, so that the taxi gets a bit cramped and you may reach your destination a bit later because the taxis stop frequently to drop passengers.
Drop taxis are a more comfortable way of getting to Volta, although they may be more expensive. Tourists are assured of a comfortable drive and a reasonable degree of punctuality. However, do negotiate and fix the fare before you start, as drivers do try to earn that extra bit, especially from tourists.

By car
The best way to reach the Volta Region is to hire a car from Accra. This journey takes at least four hours. Even though the roads outside Accra are, sometimes, merely dirt tracks, hiring a car does provide a certain flexibility and comfort.
By tro-tro and mini-vans
Tourists can also reach the Volta Region by tro-tro or minivan. This also provides an opportunity to drive through local villages. The journey from Accra to Ho by minivan takes about two hours. Tro-tros are relatively cheap, the only disadvantage being that they have no fixed schedule and tend to squeeze in too many passengers.

Getting around Volta
Tro-tros, minivans and cars are the most preferred modes of Volta transportation for getting around the Volta Region. While there are buses that ply in this region, many tourist attractions here involve trekking and take some time. It may not always be possible to synchronize your timings with those of the bus. Tro-tros and taxis are transport in Volta found everywhere and are relatively cheap.
Tourists can also get think of getting around Volta by ferry. There are many cruises from Akosombo and other places along the coast to Lake Volta and boat operators are only too happy to ferry tourists around for that extra tip or ‘dash’.
The Ghana and Volta transport system is not very organised and efforts are underway to streamline transportation systems. In the meanwhile, indigenous modes of Volta transport like ferries, cruise boats and tro-tros fill in the gaps adequately.

Extra information

  • Internet Access
  • Private room
  • We offer a pick-up for arrival
  • We offer meals
  • We have pets
  • We are smokers

What else

Airport pickup:

It has to be well arranged. There is also a minimal charge.

To see more of Ghana, we normally facilitate visit/eco tour to beautiful places around here.

  • Hiking 
  • Waterfall
  • Highest Mountain in Ghana
  • Village on the mountain
  • Kente Village
  • Monkey Sanctuary
  • Boat ride
  • The Museum 
  • Parks




It is not possible to book this accommodation, there is currently no availability.