About this host - 'TIMOTHY'

I am Mr. Timothy Issa Mtiti. I am Congolese of origin born in Tanzania in Kigoma province when my parents were refugees. I am Founder & Leader of Timothy Mission International which runs its activities through Girl Up of the United Nations Foundation DR Congo whom I am Focal Point and Community Leader. Is to note that I am also Focal Point of the United Nations Foundation. I am also Supporter of the United Nations Foundation and many world gift supports gifted to Timothy Mission International, such as: The Clinton Foundation; The Obama Foundation; The Rockefeller Foundation; The Gates Foundation; League of Conservation Voters; United Service Organizations and Child Fund International…

I am talented or visionary leader with secondary and trainings which is very limited to help me to achieve my community mission.

About my mission organization:

Is an individual, independent and non-profit Christian mission or organization of a citizen character in accordance with Law 004/2001 of 20 July of the Democratic Republic of Congo, initiated by a young visionary Mr. TIMOTHY ISSA MTITI of the Mtiti family following its community development talent, vocation or call and its determination in the search for long-term and sustainable solutions from the political, ethnic, war and socio-economic development conflicts for an united, peaceful, spiritual, love and prosperous world whose Children will be the main actors in the process of achieving the outcomes to be achieved.

THE MISSION: Is to make the children in particular and the parents in general true reconciliatory, pacifiers and real actors of social and economic development within their society.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: To assist mentally, spiritually, socially and economically the children in particular and the people in general affected by the political, ethnic, economic and social wars / conflicts and to assist Christian missions, organizations, ministries, projects and programs in particular and non-Christian in general, which have not achieved their targeted objectives in the process of completion of human development goals for the glory of God in Jesus Christ.


  • To empower the rich consciousness or good ethic of the children in particular and parents in general on the spiritual, patriotic, ethical and civic values ​​to guarantee their integration into the model or spiritual society
  • Awareness of the inner man for well-being or recovery of consciousness
  • Consolidate love of neighbor and spirit of forgiveness
  • Consolidating peace and unity
  • Consolidate social and economic development as a means of evangelization
  • Promoting industrialization
  • Promote infrastructure
  • Building social houses for poor families
  • Promote national social and economic policies according to international development goals


• Organizing crusades, conferences, debates, retreats and workshops• Build conflict resolution centers for children and parents

• Build boarding schools, free universities for vulnerable children for a new generation of good citizens• Building orphanages

• Restore the scholarship system for poor

• Establish a community credit bank for poor

• Provide assistance to poor families

• Provide assistance to Christian and non-Christian organizations, missions, ministries, projects and programs

• Build social houses

• Support for pastoralists

  • Infrastructure

• Industrialization

• Combat climate change

• To act in the emergencies to save lives in danger…

About the people I am interested with: are volunteers in community leadership; project and report elaboration; political for the fund raising and the politic of cooperation or partnership. Thus can be Men or Women Christians or not Christians. But Christians are encouraged.

What makes it interresting for the volunteers to help me/us is their community passion offering their time, skills, possibility and experience to share for others’ successful.

Is to note that Timothy Mission International runs officially its activities under the guardianship of Girl Up of the United Nations Foundation. Is the reason to share more about the work of Girl Up of the United Nations Foundation too:

Launched in 2010 by the United Nations Foundation in collaboration with Girls Champions, as a global leadership development initiative that enables girls or students to become leaders in the movement for gender equality and advocacy. children’s rights. With resources in five languages ​​and over 3,200 Girl Up clubs in over 118 countries. Girl Up has already trained over 40,000 girls from all walks of life to create tangible change for girls around the world.


No matter where they come from, girls have the power to transform themselves, to transform their communities and the world around them. Girl Up is a global movement of young, empowered women leaders who advocate for gender equality. Through leadership development training, Girl Up gives girls the resources and the platform to start a movement for social change wherever they are. For those who support us in this movement, there is no rest until we achieve equal rights for every girl. Because when the girls get up, we all get up.

VISION:Is to create a better world for all girls regardless of the environment in which they live must have access to education, medical treatment, human security and their property (against violence), survival, housing , a healthy climate and their future responsibility. It should be noted that through this initiative aroused the spirit of compassion, of serving or sharing and of unity among American adolescent girls, in particular for adolescents living in developing or underdeveloped countries with a view to contribute for their well-being by fighting against barriers for their well-being and development.
SOLUTION: Girl Up has created a fund in support of United Nations programs that support girls through 5 (five) pillars or themes as well as to support a generation of girl leaders to take actions in their respective communities (both local, national and international) to advance the progress of girls everywhere.

5 (five) pillars or areas of intervention:

  • Education: Girl Up provides school kits, school fees, uniforms and support for uneducated and uneducated mothers following early marriages and pregnancies (vocational training, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Quality health: Girl Up facilitates access to care between Doctors and girls where care is expensive. Support for training of trainers for girls with a view to making them effective and competitive trainers.
  • Safety or protection of girls against violence: Set up community programs to discuss wicked traditions through Girl Up Clubs.
  • Leadership: strengthen the capacities of girls through training, leadership and advocacy programs. Launch of a campaign to end early marriage; all the girls at school …
  • Consideration or be counted: Ensure that girls are considered in their respective societies. For this purpose, can go to school freely, access to Government services and equal treatment in accordance with the laws. Registration of children.

There is also: Awareness (Girl Up presentation; UN Foundation; UN / Sustainable Development Goals 2030 …)§ Fundraising§ & advocacy Entrepreneurship§ Girls in STEAM (Science, Technology, Technique, Arts and Mathematics …)§


Details of help

Concerning the hour I/we expect: 3 hours per day .

The work will be based on the BUILDING CAPACITY TRAININGS for the adult and adolescent boards for a week and then the visit to any of our partners’ activities in the schools and churches:

  1. Community Leadership for the adult and adolescent Boards for an organization or mission which is in the phase of implementation with many challenges such as : working out of any funding support; facing to miasppropriation process
  2. Training on the project and report elaboration
  3. The politics on how to raise funding
  4. The politics on how to cooperate or to negociate a partnership
  5. How to collaborate with the world gift supports


  1. To train the board members on the community leadership, project and repport elaboration; the politics to raise funding; the politics on how to collaborate…
  2. To ameliorate or enhance the capacity of the board members for the successful results relatives to the quoted above challenges
  3. To share experience with the volunteers
  4. To open the collaboration between us and volunteers

During your stay we plan to host a Leadership video conference activity during the Girl Up’s Leadership Summit  in Washington DC and to participate either in our joint meeting or in a workshop with the members of American Corner at the Protestant University a branch of American Culture Center of the United States of America on the experience exchange between American and Congolese Community on the citizen participation in the frame of the promotion of the moral and patriotism of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and their Families

Is here also to inform that during their stay we could visit any officials of the Government and UN Agencies; the Volunteers Embassies through the civility visits.


These are briefing information on the accommodation for the volunteers who wish to volunteer with us in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our organization is based in Kinshasa which is the Capital or City of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  1. Concerning the City of KInshasa: called Léopoldville (Dutch: Leopoldstad) from 1881 to 1966, is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the largest city in Africa; it covers 9,965 km2. With a population estimated in 2021 at 17 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, it is the third most populous in Africa behind Cairo and Lagos1, and constitutes the largest French-speaking agglomeration in the world, having overtaken that of Paris in the 20102, and is one of the most populous cities in the world. Kinshasa is the most populous city in Africa with nearly 15 million inhabitants, ahead of Lagos. Located on the south bank of the Congo River, at Pool Malebo, it faces the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville. The city limits being very extensive, more than 90% of its area are rural or forest areas (especially in the municipality of Maluku); the urbanized parts are to the west of the territory. Kinshasa has the administrative status of city and is one of the 26 provinces of the country. Its inhabitants are called the Kinois. What they can do in my town as are in mission work, first is to train or share their experinece according to the objective of their mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Second as the pause is targeted they can visit touristic sites or areas and to go to market to buy the goods if they need.
  2. With regard to get the rooms, they can get room for themselves not to share with other poeple
  3. The place is a Catholic center or guest. there are calm, with good climate as are many trees. There is permanent electricity and connexion. Is also an United Methodist Church guest
  4. The public transport is easy as are both of them near the roads where the public transport pass

To have futher information on the site who can research on google map.

  1. Nganda Centre Catholique à Kinshasa
  2. Méthodiste Unie sise avenue des Eccuries Ngaliema Kinshasa

Is to note that those Centers are like the Guest houses, anyway as dormitory huts.

Extra information

  • Internet Access
  • Private room
  • We offer a pick-up for arrival
  • We offer meals
  • We have pets
  • We are smokers

What else

As our organization face to funding support and misappropriation of our funding and initiatives have caused to us to work out of any funding support which could make us able to cover the meal of the volunteers, is the reason we request for additional funding for the meal or food for 5 or 10 volunteers. Here we are able to pick up them from the airport up to hotels. Local transport by themselves too.

Also we request an additional funding cover the cost of food, kits and transport fee for participants of the trainings. from to 10,000$ USD or 5,000$ USD. This is a general budget proposal for the volunteering time.

We are ready to receive all ages are available for volunteering with us. Cordial welcome and see  you soon.

Is better to know that the priority project of Timothy Mission International 2021 is to build its global headquarters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo besides the free boarding schools for children from 6 to 12 years old; Health Centers; Leadership or Community Center; Houses for Donors, Volunteers and workers; sports space and the fishing and agriculture projects to provide food and fish to provide for children and work and to sell to the local communities too. We are looking for volunteers to support financially and to build too.




It is not possible to book this accommodation, there is currently no availability.